First Reflection

The first meeting for Introduction To Interdisciplinary Studies felt far shorter than an hour, but was enjoyable. I was pleased to see multiple people I know, who I never knew were interested in the same major as me, show up for the first cass meeting. It will definitely be nice to have friendly faces within my major that understand what needs to be done, especially as our instructor had said: no one will really understand your major, especially because once we’re out of the introduction course, we will be blending majors, and will not be together again until our senior seminar. I’m very excited to begin making my contract, but also nervous. I want to be a graphic designer, but also have a stable background in marketing/communication. I’ve never formally taken a graphic design course before, and look forward to learning skills in this intro class that will help me jump into my new major without much issue. 

I loved that in class today we discussed an IDS student that is the “resident IDS graphic designer”. That was interesting to hear! I would love the chance to connect with her and learn from someone in my major, and in my projected career field. That scavenger hunt we did was interesting! And-I guessed your favorite color before speaking with the IDS office, nice purple shirt!

Back to the contract, I have an idea of what I want to incorporate. I have already taken a few English Major courses, as I came in last year having declared English, with an option in writing, as my major. I do not want to lose those credits, but also am open to putting them towards a minor, as the amount of Interdisciplinary credits were allowed to take is limited. I’m very excited to learn about what everyone is looking to get out of this course! It seems so exciting to be in a room of people who understand that a college major does not need to be a hard, unchanging kind of curriculum. Being creative and making my own path, while also challenging myself to take courses I haven’t considered before will be interesting! 

I met Robin during my Studies In English course last year–she was an English major! I got to interview her with my project partner, who also happens to be an IDS major, Kerian Egan. In that interview, we learned about what it meant to be an English major. Career paths, personal issues, material covered, but it also served to put Interdisciplinary Studies on my radar as an option. So, over the summer, I met with Hannah and switched my major.

I work in the Registrar’s office, so changing my actual major was an easy and kind of interesting process, I actually got to watch my boss go into my file and change my major from English to interdisciplinary studies. 

I am very excited to have this course! I look forward to getting to know everyone, exploring my interests, and working with such an amazing and helpful faculty this year. Also, the image I am attaching isn’t necessarily related to the first class meeting, but it is a part of my reasoning to do IDS: I love art and storytelling, so here is one of my recent digital works that I made for my job at the registrar’s office!

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