Graduate Programs for IDS Majors

After class being lead by group one this morning, the video presented on a masters degree in Interdisciplinary studies stuck out to me. I decided to look a little further into other programs offered. Personally, I assumed there weren’t many options for a masters in IDS as I was under the impression that masters degrees had to be specified much more than an undergraduate degree.

When I began looking at IDS over the summer, I came across a program out of a university in California. The masters program there isn’t specifically IDS; however, they state that they look for IDS majors studying media arts. The fact that they wanted IDS majors was reassuring to me, and something I have kept in mind. It’s useful to know that the major I have is something certain programs will look for openly.

Learning that York University has an IDS masters program was helpful. Knowing there is an option to continue my education in a way that is geared towards the work I want to do in the future helps me to know I can succeed in my future as long as I am self-motivated and work hard.

A quick Google search reveals many online options for IDS masters programs, advice on how to apply and schools that offer this discipline in person. Many students early in their undergraduate degree aren’t necessarily thinking if they want to pursue a graduate degree. As an interdisciplinary studies major, I feel it is important to be thinking of your options. Many career’s now will require the minimum of an undergraduate degree, but prefer work experience and a masters degree. Knowing your options will only help you to specify your IDS bachelors degree, and know where you want to end up at the end of your four years whether that entails finding a job or applying for different masters programs.

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  1. This is a really helpful post. Can you add hyperlinks to it so people who are interested can click through to some of the programs you write about here?

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