Design For Good

The AIGA website offers insight on the ability for graphic designers of any level to become involved in projects for a cause. These team-orientated projects allow designers to both grow their skill, working knowledge, and ability to gain visibility for their work. Not only are designers presented with a way to grow within heir field, they also are give the chance to work on projects that have meaning to them.

The website highlights a multitude of projects, and the way design thinking can impact a wide rang of social issues. There are options for political work, domestic violence awareness, Race and Gender inequality, and many more.

The designers that take part in these social-issue types of work will gain the ability to learn branding, collaboration and also end their projects with the feeling of satisfaction that they helped a cause that they truly believe in to get publicity.

I chose this as my article for the week due to the personal interest I take in it. As someone wanting to go into graphic design, I want to make money, of course, like anyone pursuing a college degree. However, if given the choice, I would much prefer to work for causes that I believe in, and see my art help nonprofits or other types of organizations in which I share the values of.

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